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Teeren kieppi
-nature trail

Tuuri Resorts holiday village

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New nature trail has been opened for everyone!

Matti Leinonen, Liisa Heinämäki

This nature trail goes around the holiday village Tuuri Resorts. It was opened on 27th of August, 2022.


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 On this nature trail you’ll get the glimpse of how Tarmo’s living environment looks like as a black grouse. This loop trail is the
total of 2,5 kilometers long. The average width for the trail is 3 meters and it has been surfaced with stone dust. After walking about 500 meters

from the starting point you’ll have the possibility to rest and eat your snacks in the shelter. Next to the shelter you can find unobstructed toilet.

If you’re using a wheelchair you might need help before and after the shelter since the trail has gentle decline. You can read about Tarmo’s life along the way and play nature themed games as well as find geocaches. This trail is not maintained during the winter.


On the trail there's a shelter called Kätkö which can be used freely. In the shelter there's room for 10 adults at a time. There's a fireplace and we recommend taking your own firewood with you.

There's an unobstructed toilet next to the shelter. We kindly ask you to take your own toilet paper with you.

Please, respect the nature and don't litter so we can all enjoy clean nature 😊


We want everyone to be able to enjoy nature so that's why the nature trail has been made in a way that would be accessible to all - whether you're using a wheelchair or a stroller.

The trail is wide and it has been surfaced with a stone dust.



This nature trail locates on a black grouses' living environment. They're little shy as birds so try to walk as quiet as possible to see one.


There are signs on the trail which teach you about the first year of Tarmo the black grouse's life. Only available in Finnish at the moment.

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There's no maintenance on the trail during winter but you can still go on the trail for example with snowshoes or skis.

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Are you coming with a group? Get in touch with us!

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