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Whether you were thinking of wedding, graduation or birthday party - big or small, you'll find the holiday village and its surroundings perfect for that! 

In the holiday village you can also host different kinds of company events and conferences. There's plenty of activities and accommodation to choose from also for companies around the year.



Venue Kastehelmi has been in use since the summer of 2016. It has been proven to be an excellent place to host even bigger events because there's almost 100 seats inside and 60 more on the deck outside. Kastehelmi can be transformed from horse camps to weddings all the way to art exhibitions. In the middle of the venue there's a cooking center and at the back there's a stage with sound system. Kastehelmi locates near to the reception.




Café-restaurant Teeri is located at the reception building in the holiday village and it is a fantastic place for throwing a party! There's 32 seats inside and during summer there's 20 more seats on the deck. The beautiful view puts your mind at ease.




This is the biggest sauna in the holiday village and it can be rented separately. It has the capacity up to 12 people with separate showers and changing rooms for both men and women. The specialty of this sauna comes by sensing the traditional Finnish sauna culture through the aroma of smoke. It will make your sauna experience rise up to a new temperature! Sauna is located near the water so you can enjoy swimming either in the bond or in the bathing cube - during summer or winter. 


Tip: renting this sauna for your party is like icing on the cake!



When reserving a venue from us we can plan the menu together or you can organize it by yourself.

The food we serve is made with love and it has gotten excellent feedback from our customers.

Example of buffet menu:

Stuffed salmon

Warm rice with vegetables

Fresh salad in Niece style

Beverages and breads


Coffee with a piece of cheesecake

 The food is always lactose-free and if necessary made according to special diets.




Rent a whole island! Why not?

This island called Isosaari is located at Hakojärvi, 13 kilometers away from the holiday village. On the island the main building is 200 square meters large and it is an ideal for having a bigger private place for your occasion. The island is also equipped with two smaller cabins and a sauna with a beach.

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